Wedding in Sant Agata de Goti

      Man, I genuinely can’t put into words how much I love these two people and their wedding in Sant Agata de Goti in Italy!  If there was a time machine that could transport me back to September in Italy with Stella and Antonio I’d totally jump in it! They let me into their hearts, treated me like old friends and it was one of those wedding days that I would give anything to be a part of again.

      I arrived in Sant Agata de Goti a day before-hand and Stella and Antonio were kind enough to take some time and show me the sights and sounds of this surreal and amazing city. Antonio also invited me to have lunch with his family and it was such a beautiful time spending together.

      Their wedding day… was honest, fun, zero stress, good grub and focusing on what really matters to them most.  Right away it was very obvious to me that Stella and Antonio’s connection with family and close friends was the most important part of their lives and their wedding day reflected this.

      Stella and Antonio grew up in Sant Agata de Goti, so this beautiful city holds a very special place in her heart. After a relaxing morning getting ready in her family home, it was just a short drive to the church and then a beautiful walk with through the old city for the couple shoot.

      Stella and Antonio were two of the most caring, down-to-earth and genuine people I’ve ever met and thinking of these guys and their wedding day brings a smile to my faces.


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