Forest Elopement – Cleo & Thomy

Elopement in the Boho style

Oh, how unique it is to celebrate a Boho-Elopement in the forest!

The silence and smell of the forest, the fairy light and the chirping of the birds. It was not necessary to make Cleos and Thom’s renewal of their marriage promise a magical experience. Accordingly, as from the time, the very personal eveneme seemed effective.

The intimate elopement took place in the forest near Farchach, a beautiful area near lake Starnberger See. The perfect place for a very romantic elopement without much effort. With great attention to detail Cleo has planned and made this very special day. Especially as a decorator, she has an eye and a heart for such extraordinary occasions. Each small element was therefore lovingly designed by her. The delicate flowers, the composition of the pillows and the arrangement of the candles, nothing was left to chance.

I met Cleo at the Wild Roses, a charming flower shop in the heart of Wolfratshausen. After the first moments she had, with her joyous and delicate nature, acquired a place in my heart.

For 12 years, Cleo and Thomy have already been married, five years. After this time the desire to renew their marriage promises grew. In other words, to celebrate an elopement. Only for two, in a small but more romantic atmosphere without an audience. Only in the company of chirping birds and protected by majestically aspiring trees. So what was the point of choosing the silence of the forest for such an intimate event?

Like in fairy tales

Cleo’s charming wedding dress comes from the tailor’s workshop of Julia Heinzel, a young female tailor from Münsing at Lake Starnberg. As a self-employed fashion designer, Julia, with her fine sense and sense of personality, makes the wedding bouquet of every bride come true. The individual desire of the customer always comes first.

On the occasion of the special day, Cleo also made the hair and make-up professional. The make-up artist and hairdresser Felicitas Killer from the Salon SchönSein in Munich created a wonderful Boho look. With delicate flowers and great skill Felicitas conjured a delicate romantic hairstyle, perfectly underlined by her ability as a make-up artist.

The two ladies from the Blumenladen Wild Roses tied the modern yet playful bouquet. The small but fine flower workshop in Wolfratshausen’s Marktstraße puts every visitor in a good mood with his casual romantic shabby chic. A fragrant garden of Eden full of floral pleasures. If you are looking for a professional flower decoration on the occasion of a wedding or other festivity, this is the right place. Also here is well advised, who needs a small extravagant souvenir on the way to an appointment. In addition, you will always find lovingly selected decorations for your own home.

Cleo has decorated everything with joy and skill in the Boho style for the elopement in the forest. With the delicate, self-made flower garlands, the carpet and the pillow, she created a romantic colorful island amidst the enchanted moss sea. The playful macramee hammock and the candles in old alarm clocks gave the place of the supremacy an uncommonly cozy atmosphere.

Finally, as a skilled plucked instrument maker, Thomy did not allow himself to bring his first self-made guitar to the Elopement. There he played Cleo, a romantic serenade surrounded by bright candles and the fragrance of the forest.

Eternal love

It remains to say that the time I was allowed to spend with the couple was magical to me. As if an intangible bond between the two were woven, delicate yet powerful, solidified by years of trust and deeply felt love. With his sensitive and attentive nature, Thomy embraced Cleo, as if it were something fragile to protect. Cleo’s eyes shone with love, too, and spoke intently of affection. These moments of tenderness moved me very much. A look at the pictures and I must be amazed. Such intense affection, mindfulness and serenity after all these years.

Cleo and Thomy, this moment in the forest and your love for each other will always remain in my heart. I thank you for giving me the confidence to take part in your elopement celebration, to accompany you with my camera.

I wish you love in eternity …

Musik: Can’t Help Falling In Love | Haley Reinhart



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