The scent of fir trees, the silence, the beauty of nature and the campfires with the sound of the guitar under the starry sky are part of the memories of my youth. Then, the days spent barefoot and the never ending swimming time until you gor blue lips … that is the magic I find in this place of my childhood. This place I like to call “my little paradise on earth” where I grew up and learned to listen to the silence and appreciate the true value of life.

      This is probably where I’ve created my most beautiful bonds of friendship. The most intense with the most beautiful memories. Sabie and Jonathan are part of these precious friends. Her family have been in my heart for several years and the memories I have had with them make my heart smile.

      It was on a beautiful day in early September, where we met to make this shoot. A small boat ride on the beautiful Reservoir Blanc in Haute Mauricie with these deserted islands sand beaches, the capes of rocks and the green pine forests that I adore.

      Just the two of them, in love, smiling and biting in life.

      Sabine & Jo, this memory is very close to my heart, you know why …

      Listen to the beautiful music with the pictures.

      Musik: New Orleans | The Mighty Storm



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