Couple shoot St-Petersburg

      I was in Russia two weeks ago and wanted to make an intimate pair-shooting in Saint Petersburg. The beautiful city inspired me with its lively student life, the small cafes and their atmosphere. I felt a kind of romance in the air. Everywhere I spotted small streets, hidden shops, and enchanted corners. A backdrop for romantic pictures, I thought immediately. Dear couple, I like to talk a lot. Love inspires me. The presence of two people shows the gentle side of life. After a long search I discovered ‘my’ pair, Lerika and Dave, who were perfect for an intimate photo shoot. Lerika I first met in the youth hostel Soul Kitchen in St. Petersburg. We have seen each other several times but have not spoken to each other. Until one day I asked her if she knew a couple who would be interested in a shooting. I do not know exactly why I did not ask them personally, maybe they would make it for themselves. After unsuccessfully asking her friends, she offered to be the protagonist of our shoot. Since she has a fiance, the photo partner is already secured. Lerika and Dave have met on the coast of the USA. Dave is an art painter and Lerika studied. For three years they have been commuting between New York and St. Petersburg. In January he asked her the great question at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Since then, they have only shared the dream and the goal to marry and live together in New York. Thank you two for your trust. It was wonderful to photograph and experience how you became so tender and full of love. At the same time, our shooting was a magical moment for me. I wish you the greatest happiness on earth and that your wishes come true. Soon you can see the two on the rooftops of Saint Petersburg in one of my next blog posts.