Intime Couple Photo Shoot in Montreal

      I LOVE to photograph weddings. A day you look forward to so long, this is often planned in advance, you choose your favorite people to be there to celebrate your love, and it is a big deal! But I wanted to turn things around a bit. I only wanted to document one day in the life of a couple. A day they wake up together, eat breakfast and play with their puppies like any other day. It is in such days that the true intimacy is found between two people. I know “intimate shooting at home” is not exactly new, but I really wanted to try my best to conquer a regular, routine, simple day in the life of Marisa and garnish to really experience their momentum, their routine. I wish it would be a way to me to be truly uninhibited, but I’ve done my best to flow the morning as it would normally be. Wake up. Brush teeth. Salon. Make breakfast. To have breakfest. Play with the puppy. I know that it is impossible to document such a morning purely photojournalistic. I’m inserted into their morning and I’ll be a part of it. But I am only so grateful that I was able to document even a small fiber sliver and to be so welcome from these two wonderful people. Here are the first series of pictures from the day. The awakening…

      Just the two of them and their love.

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      Music: Cancer | Twenty One Pilot


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